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The Dairies of A Wedding Planner

Dear Diary: Ten years ago I got my dream job- event coordinator at Tamaron Country Club. For a person that loves to throw parties, loves fashion and is a major foodie and self proclaimed Chef (thanks to my European heritage) it was a no brainer. Not to mention all the romantic/funny/dramatic on a soap opera level stories that I can tell. It’s been an endless source of entertaining my mother in law! “You should write a book “ she would say , “These Stories are Priceless!” Today I am making my other dream come true-starting this Blog in lieu of writing a book or maybe as a first step to actually do it (fingers crossed). I will be writing about everything Weddings: Trends, Menus, Personal Stories (random dog dashing through the beautiful Ceremony Arch during the vowel exchange! The happy couple so in love and in the moment didn’t even notice it (shout out to the wedding photographer!) The fact that I am planning these Events in Holy Toledo not LA or New York makes no difference. It’s the “Pinterest World “ and we just live in it! I am privileged to work with the most beautiful and stylish Brides with a Midwestern heart and soul of gold. In the 10 years that I had the honor of being a Wedding Planner this industry has changed immensely. Weddings are personal and very detail oriented, non traditional (remember the Barn Wedding Trend), creative from the bouquet to the place cards. Let’s just call it like it is- today Weddings are high maintenance and I Love It! Thank you to all my couples from the past, present and future for providing me with all of this material and STAY TUNED!

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