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Dear Diary,

As I sit here today in frozen Toledo on a record breaking cold day (negative forty something wind chill)

I am longing for this view! I love outdoor ceremonies!

Just look at the double rainbow.

Isn’t this the most amazing site to get married at!

Yes, it’s risky- we had to wipe these chairs 3 times and it was 90 degrees and humid in October. Welcome to Toledo!

But the double Rainbow had to be the redeeming omen either you are Irish or not and rain is for good luck (times 3!). Now fast forward one week: bright, crisp, clear , 55 degree October day and still stunning! Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with Love.

Looking at these rolling hills and lush greens, the perfect sky and the pond full of ducks and even a white crane that moved in last summer (I named it Bud) romance is everywhere! And mystery... well, the weather for one is a definite unknown. So my dear Brides - take the risk! The reward is a breathtaking spot to marry the love of your life! And even though I have a back up plan inside your guests will endure heat, cold, humidity and even a little rain because it’s For The Bride!

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