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2019 Dairy of A Wedding Planner

Dear Diary,

As any other Wedding Planner or Wedding Professional of any kind knows, this is the Post-Engagement Season. I love this time of year; when you get to meet with lots of Enthusiastic, Eager, Exhilarated, Delighted, and also Nervous Couples. It is also the Resolution Season.

So where is this going; you say?

Well...... my Personal Intent (Resolution is too harsh of a word for me) is to Keep an Open Mind and be more Conscious of all that comes my way. Letting go of the Narrow Views we are so Desperately holding on to and allow for things to be as they are. For the Bride, that Objective would be a Most Helpful Tool! You are at the Best Time of Your Life So Far and Planning something completely New and Mysterious. You are Armed with at the least a great deal of Childhood Dreams about the Flowers, Lights, and Colors or at the Most a Giant Commode Full of Wedding Ideas and Treasurers. Nothing basic about either and nothing is more Thrilling for a Wedding Planner than hearing about all those Hopes and Ideas and Create the Wedding of Your Dreams.

I have the Best Job and I Absolutely Give it my All!

I just want the Brides to Remember that this is about Marrying the Person of Your Dreams,

"The Love of Your Life."

Can you hold on to that and let it go at the same time? Make a Decision to Accept the Stream of Present Moments and Events, as they Unfold. Take them in, Cherish, and be in the Moment.

It all goes so fast and even if your Maid of Honor trips down the Isle you will still have

"The Happily Ever After!"

#The Dairy of a Wedding Planner.

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